CGX Nutrition Programs

My approach to nutrition is a flexible and sustainable approach. Everybody’s body is different from genetics, muscle mass, dieting history, exercise, and metabolism. Because of all of this, the amount of calories, macronutrients and types of food an individual needs to reach their personal goals will also be different. You are unique therefore your plan should be unique and personalized to YOU. Everyone is starting at a different point in their nutrition journey therefore offer a variety of program options.

One Time Macro/Nutrition Program

This is a one-time program that includes an initial consultation, baseline InBody and review of nutrition history. Plan will include individualized calorie/macro goals based on YOUR body and YOUR goals, nutritional goals and guidelines, sample meal plan, nutritional education and resources.

Monthly Coaching

With our one-on-one nutrition program, you’ll get coached into the best shape of your life so you love what you see in the mirror and how you perform in the gym. Monthly coaching includes an initial consultation. Clients will receive an individualized/custom plan based on goals, InBody assessment, food preferences, and nutritional needs. Program includes a personalized plan, goal setting and habit tracking, weekly check-ins, review of food logs, and accountability. Clients will also receive nutrition education, resources, and consulting.

Specialty Coaching;

If your goals are a bit more specific, a few niche programs include:

  • Sport Performance Nutrition for Athletes
  • Pre/Post-Natal
  • Food Intolerance/Allergen Friendly

Minimum 3-Month Commitment

Nutrition Contact Info:

Stephanie Martin
Phone: 317.658.2562

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