Jennifer Binkley

My name is Jennifer Binkley. I am a mother of two little boys, Greyson and Liam, mother to three pit bulls, Jack, Grigsby, and Ellie.

Working out and staying active started out being my outlet because let’s face it we all need one, but then it turned into my passion. If I am not having fun helping others reach their potential and seeing results, it’s just not for me. I coach the morning classes and from time to time you will see me in the evening classes helping out. I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 13 years now and have never felt better.

My focus and goal as a coach, is to push people beyond their comfort zone. Push them to take chances on their bodies and know they are strong and capable of many things. We don’t get results by without taking chances. It’s my greatest pleasure to see people transform their bodies and make them healthier than they were yesterday.

My Background and Achievements:


  • 2015: CrossFit Games, Central East Region -5th place
  • 2014: CrossFit Games- team division, 31st in the world
  • 2014: CrossFit Games Central East Region -2nd Place
  • 2012: CrossFit Games Central East Region-7th Place

Individual Ranking: 

  • 2015: CrossFit Games Central East Region -40th Place
  • 2014: CrossFit Games Central East Region -64th Place
  • 2012: CrossFit Games Central East Region -65th Place

Our CGX CrossFit Trainers

Teach. Train. Motivate.

All our trainers are focused on three things: teaching, motivating, and encouraging people to meet their own individual goals. With a variety of fitness and wellness backgrounds, our trainers are enthusiastic about helping people achieve more than they thought they possibly could.

Jennifer Binkley

Teach. Trainer. Motivate.

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